Matt's Garage

The Workspace 
The workshop has been relocated from middle-of-nowhere Michigan to the dirty South. This isn't exactly a garage at all but a backyard and a small sliver of a driveway. Future plans include actually building a garage to house all of my crap. Like the one I used to have, below:

The Projects
1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport (4x4, 4.0, 5-speed): Perhaps the only truly useful vehicle
1989 Shelby CSX-T: Broken rent-a-racer
1971 Simca 1204 (Yellow): Driven daily with new brakes
1971 Simca 1204 (Blue): Currently parts car, to be Turbo-Dodged
1974 AMC Javelin: Undergoing boosted 4.0 and pro-touring conversion, albeit very slowly
1989 Ford Falcon S: Towed away and currently missing
1984 Ford Falcon Utility: Newly built 351C, running well enough
1955 Sportsman Balboa 14' Fishing Boat: Waiting for spring
1981 Yamaha Chappy 50cc Moped: In serious need of some reserve power
2004 Mini Cooper: Wife's daily transport