David's Garage

The Workspace  Here's the new garage in Germany. It's much smaller than my old barn but at least I have an enclosed space of my own.

Current Wheels
2008 Alpha Romeo 159 wagon

My downtown Farmington garage I occupied from Sept 2008 until Dec 2012.
Sporting old fashioned sliding barn doors, my garage is situated in downtown Farmington's historic district. Keeping a fleet of rusting beaters in an otherwise upstanding neighborhood has gotten the attention of municipal blight patrol. Fortunately, not so much as to require off site storage. The garage itself serves as shelter for the Benz and work space for my never ending turbo van project. With the garage occupied, all the impromptu repair work has been pushed to the narrow dirt drive way. The garage itself is large enough for a couple work benches and racks for Neon part storage.

Past Projects in order of acquisition
1995 Spec Neon #74 race car: Sold to Gene Lukianov, destined for ChumpCar
1993 Jeep Cherokee sold to Dad
1995 Plymouth Neon donated to family
2001 Ducati Monster In cold storage
1999 Dodge Neon coupe: The wife's daily beater wrecked Jan 2012
1986 Plymouth Voyager trusted to Luke (former owner) while I'm away
1987 Honda Spree sold on CL
1994 Honda CR250 placed in trust with Chris Baker
1991 Mazda Miata sold on CL
1995 Mercedes Benz E420 has been sold to my father