Sunday, October 2, 2016

Neighbor Drags Wasted R107 Out of Yard, Into Road

My neighbor across the street finally dragged the R107 450SL out from behind his residence and into the street. Last driven about 15 years ago, the Merc is now totally rotten except for the floors, which hold puddles in which mosquitoes create large nuclear families. It was there for about 3 days before LKQ came and hauled it off, no doubt at a loss on their end.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Datsun 280ZX Ice Beater

Today's post is brought to you by adventurous friend of Beaterblog, Dan Huber. Now Dan calls New Zealand home but in years past, he's run beaters into the ground here in the States, lived on a ship in Africa, owned a beautiful pearl colored MGB-GT, and built a canoe with his own hands that actually floated and looked beautiful doing it. Despite what you might be thinking, Dan is a real person.

You can expect to see some content from Dan down in Australia's Canada in the near future. Case in point; this tale of a nearly-free Datsun with no remaining body structure, modified to be drive at maximum recklessness on the frozen boundary waters of Northern Minnesota:

This story starts about a decade ago. Its summer and there’s always talk of finding a jalopy to tinker with, especially when you’re young, unmarried and work in the ol'automotive industry.  ‘There’s a dead ’83 Datsun 280ZX at a mechanic’s garage in Highland park, the owner wants it gone’ said the work colleague.  I’ll swallow that hook.  After my initial offer of $50 for the car and counter offer for $20 more, we had a deal.  To date, I don’t think I’ve had more fun and solid memories than with these four wheels at an initial price of 70 clams.

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