Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marketplace Feature: Ford Sierra Ranchero

German ebay offers up a rare chopped into a pick-up ford Sierra complete with flared fenders and a "Cosworth" inspired body kit. While the USA had to make due with only the hatch-back Merkur XR4Ti, europe enjoyed a sedan, wagon, and 3 or 5 door hatches. Missing from Ford's line up was a car based pick-up. Seeing this absence, someone took matter into their own hands and crafted this european Ranchero. The plywood bed cover, homemade hood, and wolfs head decals have all the hallmarks of body work fuel by Jagermeister. If this could ever be driven on German streets is doubtful as Tüv vehicle inspectors will fail a car for rust holes bigger than a pencil and even small modifications require paperwork to prove the vehicle still conforms to safety standards. Without the tyranny of the Tüv, a 5-door Sierra isn't a bad candidate for camino-ization but this hack job looks like one slow mess. Now ended at 798 euros.

Rough Translation of the ad:
I offer here a Ford Sierra with Cosworth appearance. The vehicle was started to build into a pick-up, due to illness I cannot continue the project. It is not complete. 2.0L engine installed and runs perfectly. On the day of pick up, all that still needs to be complete will be explained. As for what is required to pass vehicle inspection, I've heard somewhere that you still have to weld in stiffeners to the frame. This has not been done on this vehicle. If this is relevant now I cannot say I only mention it so there will be no trouble for misrepresentation. This vehicle is sold only as a complete hobbyist vehicle, vehicle must be taken with a trailer, viewing possible. Car is in a dry garage for more than 10 years.

Further questions make it clear that the BBS wheels are available separately, for more money.


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