Friday, May 2, 2014

Local paper features my kart team, expectations completely unobtainable

Myself and fellow Detroit ex-pats Brian Rutkowski, Dushyant Wadivkar, and Fabian Hartwich will represent the Motor City at the 6 Hours of Sonneberg kart race this Sunday. The town near Thüringen closes the streets and throngs of spectators show up for the spectacle.

A team of foreigners is apparently newsworthy for the local paper which is cool. However the attention is entirely undeserved. We've all turned fast laps in cars but none of us are serious kart racers. If you'd like to follow team Detroit Motorcity, there's a live timing link on the race website at

The Lemans style start is 2pm European time Sunday.


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  2. this was fun! thanks to you guys keeping us excited through the 6 hours of the event! :)

    Upasna at Someplace Else

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