Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beat on the Street - Lifted Wonder Wedge

One of the great side effects of living in a place devoid of tyrannical organizations like VicRoads or TUV to mandate roadworthiness is seeing vehicles like this hot, sweet angular mess.

Comprised of a Subaru XT (maybe an XT-6 given the 5 lug pattern - help me out XT fans) and a scrapyard's worth of angle iron and rectangular stock, this wedge is doing its best AMC Eagle impession.
The style of lift chosen for this vehicle is some sort of bastard body/suspension hoisting that seems to have been performed by spacing the body up off of the subframes by about eight inches. Several relics remain at stock height such as exhaust and spare tire, likely hurting the XT's off-street cred. Keen eyes will notice that the thing was driven up from Florida, presumably crabbing its way up I-95.

But even so, could you imagine sitting high atop your lifted XT-6 throne, complete with single spoke wheel and tilting digital dash?

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