Monday, October 7, 2013

Beat on the Spanish Street: The Loneliest Lotus Elan

The FWD Lotus Elan is said to be the best handling FWD car ever. That's kind of like being the best shifting automatic transmission. It may be a great achievement, but why did you put it in a sports car? Not that anyone has enjoyed the responsive steering or balanced chassis of this Lotus recently. I first spotted it back in February parked in the same spot and missing tail lights. It took me a few months to return and get a few pictures during the day. More details and pictures after the jump.

While scoping out the Lotus, I noticed this flyer attached to an adjacent boat. The Lotus, boat, and several other cars parked nearby are all part of the same time-share/rental business. For a few euros, you and your friends can party like Antonio Banderas in the mediterranean town of Sitges.

You can check out the website here(Spanish only) where the Lotus is still available. It's slightly tempting to throw him 50 euros just to get this thing back on the road. For now, I bet it'll be relaxing by the sea for a long time, which is more fun than driving around Sitges anyway.

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