Sunday, September 22, 2013

Market Place Feature: Matra Murena 4x4 Rally Car for 100 Euros

The Matra Murena is clearly a BeaterBlog worthy vehicle. It's got wedge styling cues, a plastic body, three bucket seats, Formula 1 pedigree, and it's French. Do you also require four wheel drive, turbo power, and historic racing heritage? Then I hope you can spare $130. Of course, this project will need a tremendous amount of work and parts will probably a bit difficult to find. Though, at this price, the fiberglass parts alone are worth the price of entry.

24 Hours of Barcelona Photo Gallery

A few weeks ago, I found myself in Spain with not much to do on a Sunday morning. So instead of laying on the beach I wandered over to Circuit de Catalunya to catch the final hours of the 24 Hours of Barcelona. Hit the jump for lots of pics.

Special thanks to the team of the 42 car for the invite and hospitality.