Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RIP - The 'nicest' of the fleet

So, if you have a new Mini, just avoid puddles altogether. Debating over how deep they need to be to turn the inside of your motor into a metal pretzel is inconsequential. Rumor has it, it's somewhere around 4" of standing water so if you see light reflecting off of something on the ground, just go somewhere else far, far away or just get out and walk home.

The reason that I can give this sage advice is that my wife has learned this lesson for all of you. After AAA dredged the car up and brought it back to the house with the 3rd brake light on and the motor wouldn't turn over even with all the plugs laying on top of the radiator, I was fairly sure that this was a total loss. An emotional moment for my dear wife, yes, but she's just as happy driving the '97 Cherokee 5-speed so I think we're all good for now. One day another Mini will be sitting in our gravel but not for a while.

I thought about the buyback option but at nearly two grand, it would be difficult to justify even after persistent dreams about a mid-mount EcoBoost V6. Now I'm just wondering what to do with the insurance money but I have a feeling it's going into something 20x20 and in the back yard.

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  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. When my nephew did the same to my Neon I was also disappointed at a modern automobile's ability to fjord even small amounts of water. At least the Cherokee should be able to handle water up to the base of the headlights.