Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beaterblog Shop Press

When I was contemplating taking my new Volkswagen brake drums to the machine shop to have the new wheel bearing races pressed in, I was reminded of a trick by friend of Beaterblog, Jon Metty. Simply make the laws of both engineering materials and food sciences work for you by roasting the drum and hot dogs on the grill while cooling bearing races and beers in the freezer. Afterwards, smash the beers...then the race into the drum.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beat on die Strasse: Trabant Limousines

During my first trip to the former East Germany, I found a pair of modified Trabant Limousines touring some of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall with all the other tourists. Berlin does a good business in cold war nostalgia and hipster paraphernalia. The two are often the same so it's not surprising someone spliced a couple Trabis together to tour the old DDR before arriving at the Discotheque. Judging by the sound and smell, this pair was not two-stroke powered. Understandable since the original 26 horses may not be enough to haul around a dozen or so Germans, even without clothing. More pics after the jump.