Sunday, June 30, 2013

In The Garage - Project Update

Despite having constant rain over the past few weeks, I haven't been building an ark but instead working on my various crapcan autos and other side projects in the mud and relative safety of my nearly completed garage.

The first project has been the '81 VW Rabbit Caddy, mentioned a few stories back. Per my normal operating procedure, the amount of work and money that I have put into this little tan pile has skyrocketed far past initial projections. I really only expected to throw on some brake pads, do a timing belt and some scrubbing but instead have done rear brake lines, master cylinder, front pads, rotors, calipers, rear drums, shoes, hardware, wheel bearings, starter, timing belt and tensioner, injection pump timing, and probably a whole bunch of shit that I intentionally blocked from my memory. Still on my list are some front body panels to correct some deer damage and finishing up the rear brake hardware installs. Then it's off to Maaco some some paint and pinstriping in a Subaru Brumby kinda way.

The next project is intended to go in the back of the Rabbit. I bought David's '94 Honda CR250 from him and have been getting it ready from some trail riding. After doing a clutch, fork seals, wheel bearings, and a few spokes on the rear, I'm getting closer and closer to breaking my arm in a nasty spill in the Francis Marion forest.

The last and most important project has been the garage. This will get its own post later but the Anderson man cave is in the final stages of completion and inspection for compliance with the city's tyrannical and inconsistent standards of construction.

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