Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Trade - Simca 1204 Parts Car for Another Tan Ute!

I was thinking that it would be impossible to own just one Simca 1204, however, it turns out that's not the case if the same stuff is broken on both cars. Rather than have my parts car hang around here and take up space that I'd rather fill with Vauxhalls and AMCs, I traded it to someone who can appreciate it; Soggy. For those of you who don't know Soggy, he's the guy who runs the Simca 1204, Henry, in LeMons. It took a lot of coaxing for me to get rid of one of my old French Dodges but he offered me a slightly wrecked up, rusted, and non running VW Caddy Diesel. And of course I couldn't resist having two skin colored utes. Tandemonium.

After a couple of weekends, the status of the Caddy is not looking so bad. The battery is all charged up, it's got a new timing belt and tensioner, a perfectly adjusted injection pump, new air filter, and the interior was vigorously pressure washed and vacuumed about 4 times. It runs and drives but the rear brake lines are rusted off, which caused a slight incident while tow-starting it with the Roo Chaser. Basically, the car started at about 10mph the noise that it created sounded like it threw all 4 rods. For future reference, this is Rabbit Diesel clatter and can be ignored. Anyway, this caused me to hit the brakes in the Falcon which in turn required that Jon, the driver of the chase car, to swerve left and wrap the tow strap around the axle and pop the tire off of the sidewall. All of this happened while a realtor was showing a house across the street. Welcome to the 'hood.
Next steps for the V-dub include a lot more cleaning and some exterior work. I've got all the GTi do-dads from a local wrecker and found a hood at the local LKQ. After a bit of body work and a quick-n-dirty spray, I'll be resisting the urge to throw some minilites on it. In the mean time, I'll just dream of equal horsepower, MPG, and 0-60 time numbers.


  1. Nice, I towed Sog's Simca from California to Oklahoma for him.

  2. The realtor looking out to two tan-colored, mammal-themed pickups in various stages of functionality tugging each other down the street until one of them explodes to life and quickly jerks a tire off the rim is certainly worth a laugh or two.

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