Monday, April 1, 2013

BeaterBlog Recommended Attraction: Meilen Werk

Meilen Werk is essentially a chain of high end German car dealerships that double as tourist attractions. The main event are the new Ferrari's, Bentley's, and Lambo's but they've also got a large classic car dealership, parts store, clothing store, two restaurants, a model shop, a car themed hotel, and conference rooms. To top it off, they offer climate controlled storage all of which is on display. The result is a lot of easily accessible, high end cars with no entry fee. Oh, and they've got a jet hanging from the ceiling. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

I visited the Meilen Werk location in Böblingen, a short drive south of Stuttgart. MW bills itself as "the center of car culture," and for a lot of rich people it might just be. Although entry is free, everything with a price tag is well outside of my budget. The clothing boutique, model shop, and parts store allow the well heeled to furnish themselves in all kinds of automotive paraphernalia. The selection is impressive. MW offers auto themed art, retro gas pumps, and a few vintage tractors. I know car dealers are always looking for an angle to make another buck and MW takes it to another level. MW isn't an automotive Disney Land, but with the hotel, restaurants and bar it's as close as I've seen.

And it really is accessible. High end dealers back in US don't always appreciate commoners wandering around the show room and MW is welcoming. Just walk in and look around.  No awkward stares from the sales staff.

Of course the real attraction are the cars. My favorites are the Alpine a110, Ferrari F40, Porsche-Kremer 911, and Daimler SP250. The selection is heavy on European marks with plenty of Italian cars. The American cars are few, but the US is well represented by a 1960's Buick, Cadillac and fourth gen Viper.

Address: MW facility and center management GmbH
D-71034 Böblingen

Tel: +49 (0) 7031 30694-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7031 30694-72

Monday-Saturday: 8.00-20.00 clock
Sundays and holidays: 10.00-20.00 clock

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