Monday, April 8, 2013

Beat on the Texas Street: Pick-ups of West Texas

Chevrolet Task Force
Texas is the undisputed capitol of Truck Country. Fortunately, the dry climate of West Texas preserves what the heat and sun doesn't melt or fade.  I particularly like the patina on this late '50s Chevy.  Hit the jump for the best Dodge and Ford I could find in Marfa, Texas and a bonus Cadillac hearse/ambulance.
Dodge D Series (first generation)
Ford F100 Ranger
Only in Texas, Cadillac Professional Car
Only in Texas, Cadillac Professional Car


  1. I learned to drive in a beat-to-hell '78 F150, so those particular Fords hold a special place in my heart. Would love to find one with the patina of that Chevy, clearcoat it, get the mechanicals right and drive it forever.