Monday, April 1, 2013

Beat on the Swedish Street - Photo Gallery

Swedish beaters endure months of arctic cold, feet of snow, darkness for twenty hours a day, and roads filled with moose. To survive, every car needs an array of rally lights, studded snow tires, mud flaps, as well as engine and interior heaters. These accessories don't make you a rally dork, just grandma heading to the store for more reindeer meat. I spent a few weeks in Sweden and snapped some interesting cars I ran into.

The Saab 96 V4 is probably my second favorite Swedish car just behind the Volvo P1800 and it looks great pea-green. This example was parked just next to our living quarters, outdoors. It runs great and gets exercise every weekend.

Mercedes Benz W115 is an interesting choice, though I wouldn't expect any other 1960's diesel to start every morning in the arctic cold. W124 4-matic wagons are more popular but lack the stacked headlight

Ford Fiesta Mark II
VW Passat (Quantum) B2
Saabs and Volvos are present but actually not as popular as I'd expected. Personally, I'd drive a Ford Sierra XR4x4 in these conditions. Got a favorite winter beater? Sound off in the comments.

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