Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beat on the Street - 1965 Rambler Classic 770

Found on the streets of downtown Charleston, SC is this beautiful Rambler Classic sedan. Slotted between the American and the Ambassador, the Classic was the middle child of the most conservative car company around at the time, making it quite a boring option in '65. In a marketing effort centered around safety, American Motors even claimed that the only race that they cared about was the human race. Certainly they sensed the collective eye roll of every car buyer in the US got back to racing in the late 60's, however, at the time AMC had a serious reputation problem that would seriously hurt their competent performers like the Rebel Machine, S/CRambler, and AMX.
This stigma has helped us, the budget minded classic car enthusiasts, to gain access to a stream of reliable classics that can be had for reasonable sums all day long. For example here and here.

Ramblers do make great transportation and keeping them on the road is a snap. My first car was a '74 AMC Javelin (which I still have) and parts are still readily available pretty much anywhere. Unlike a Nova or a Falcon, you don't have the option of purchasing new body, interior, and trim parts but mechanical bits are plentiful and cheap. Furthermore, I particularly like the early 90's 'Recycle' sticker on the back. After all, one of the most efficient ways to recycle is to drive an old car.

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  1. I've always liked these cars. Ordinary but still interesting, unusual, relatively rare and cheap. Find me a nice '65 Rambler American wagon with a 6 cylinder and ship it over here for me.