Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beat on the Street - 1987 Puma GT

It's always a treat to see South American cars in the US. If you happen to ever see a Brazilian car stateside chances are it's a Puma. They are still very rare but they are one of the only Brazilian cars to be imported to the US officially, albeit in kit form.

This particular model was parked on a dealer's lot in North Charleston, SC. Some internet research tells me that this car has been for sale in the past and is an '87 model. The history of Puma is very convoluted and determining the origin of many parts on the car is beyond the scope of my VW/Puma knowledge. It appears that this car is built off of the VW Brasilia and VW Variant II (locally produced 411 models) based on what I can find. Those certainly are Brasilia taillights.

Perhaps the most interesting period in Puma's history was in the beginning when beautiful shells looking like a cross between a Mazda Cozmo, Deutch Bonnet, and Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato were being fitted with Brazilian produced DKW 3=6 running gear.

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Spring Junkyard Sightings

Junkyard hopping offers the ideal Saturday diversion for when I don't necessarily want to break the wrenches out in my own driveway but would rather just search for future project fodder. In the case of this weekend, I was casually hunting a Ford Explorer 8.8 rear end for the Roo Chaser and some Shadow/Sundance interior parts for the Shelby. I found almost everything I needed but I got a bit distracted from the cause...