Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beat on the Street - Scout Diesel with Bonus 929

While I was back in my hometown stomping grounds of Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina, I was just leaving Cup-o-Joe coffee when I spotted this beat up ol' Scout II sitting in a repair lot. It was my ideal IH (not including Monteverdi Safari) - late model, beat all to hell, Nissan Diesel, manual transmission, and converted to pickup.

Raleigh is packed full of old cars and when downtown, you can't drive a block in the old neighborhoods without finding something awesome. Within one block of this truck, I know of a beater '54 Buick, a Ford Lotus Cortina, an M6, and a Citroen DS.
In completely opposite fashion to the 304 and 345 V8s offered in these trucks, the Nissan Patrol sourced Diesel offered a bit of economy, similar to the 4 cylinders offered in the first generation of Scouts. It's just a shame that the turbo Diesel was only offered in the final year of the Scout, 1980. 

 It's also worth noting that this truck had current registration and seemed to just be in for some repairs. The body was shitbeat but not rusty. For a Scout, that's incredible. The interior was very, very rough but it still seems to work.

And just as worthy of mention is this fourth generation Mazda 929. Although the ones we got in the States were not nearly as cool as the second generation Mazda 929, which looks like a shrunken '77 Fury, they were still classy and understated RWD saloons so popular in the early 90's. Hmmm, wonder what that would like like on some Watanabe RS8s?


  1. the scout has been there over a year, i think the owner may have abandoned it

  2. "The interior was very, very rough but it still seems to work."

    That's how they came from the factory!