Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beaterblog Recommended Attraction - Kantine Ostalgie & Fahrzuegmuseum

While cruising back from the Oschersleben race track and looking for anywhere but Aldi to buy beer, I had to do a double-take when I saw a Wartburg 353 on top of a large pole. Unfortunately, I did not have my "I brake for Commie cars" bumper sticker on my rented Opel Zafira when I did a full ABS stop into the parking lot of Kantine Ostalgie und Fahrzeugmuseum.

This place is paradise for the Eastern block car lover. Walk in (for free by the way) and you see a Zuk to the right, a Moskvitch 411 to the left, and a Lada police car front and center. For me, it was overwhelming at first and my eyes couldn't focus. But after my breathing returned to normal and I could swallow again it was a quite relaxing stroll through the yard.

My favorite car by far was a Barkas van that obviously slammed headlong into a tree but was awaiting repair up on a hoist - neither scrapped nor restored.

For the viewing were various iterations of East German military and 'Volks Polizei', which sounds very friendly but I'd imagine was quite ominous.

Equally menacing were the propaganda wagons with loudspeakers and lights on top. I'd have to ask my East German friends exactly what would come out of these speakers but it probably didn't have Bono's blessing. To the same degree that the Barkas was menacing, the Trabant TRAMP was friendly and unthreatening. That's probably why it was the only one in the museum.

 I had never seen a Moskvitch 411 with baby moons and whitewalls but it looked Гuckiи' SicЖ иаsтч

Artsy shot of the awesome IZH logo.

They had loads of the East German Econoline, or ZUK. In my opinion, it's a great looking truck, especially with guns on the top.

It's a shame that more people don't consider a 4x4 UAZ when shipping for minivans for a new family 

Something about that ambulance is not very inviting.

If you find your self in what some have told me is called "Dunkel Deutchland" (don't call it that, it's not dark Germany, it's actually very beautiful) then swing by this place for a couple of hours. 

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