Sunday, November 18, 2012

From Craigslist to Crusher - Death of a Surf Beater

Driving around Charleston's surfside suburbs like Folly Beach, Mt. Pleasant, and Sullivan's Island, it's painfully obvious that the beater serves a purpose in the Lowcountry. There are clapped out Lancruisers, vintage station wagons, VW buses, and even vintage Land Rovers that dot the landscape. All bear the scars of hauling surfboards, beer, and coolers full of shrimp. As all cars do as they near the final stages of their lives, they pop up on craigslist before beginning their transformation into Harbor Freight tools.

While cruising the LKQ Salvage yard lot, I spotted this '73 Benzo whose reflective tape front fog lights and duck-taped-in headlight initially caught my eye. Closer inspection revealed a partially disassembled fuel system and third-world levels of automotive survival tactics.

Unfortunately, some time later I found this craigslist ad   that was trying to pawn the car off on one final owner but the junk man proved to be the highest bidder.


  1. Very cool! Found your blog from The Street Peep . I live downtown Charleston, maybe we will cross paths one day

    Jack Handegan

  2. I love the Street Peep. Where do you live downtown? I'm near Rutledge Cab Co.