Monday, October 22, 2012

Marketplace Feature: My 1991 Topless Miata

After a great summer, its time for me to part with my project Miata. Are you man enough to grit your teeth at highway speeds in the face of wind, bugs, and debris? Does your manhood require reverse compensation by piloting a tiny 100hp car? Got $1500 and room in your garage? If so, hit the link under my name on the right and shoot me an email. Still not convinced? Check out all the details and pictures after the jump.

Vital info: 1991 Mazda Miata
177,xxx miles
1.6L engine and 5 speed manual transmission
Manual steering, no A/C, no cruise, no radio, no windows, no top

light weight 14" wheels with Bridgestone Potenza race tires
Hard Dog roll bar with padding
Bilstein sport dampers with adjustable coil-overs.
450 lbs/in springs up front and 350 lbs/in springs in back. Lowered about 2" and corner balanced.
Lexan windscreen (1/4" thick)
Summit Racing dune buggy seats
New muffler
Two new brake calipers and all new pads and rotors
New alternator and battery

Features on which you could improve:
Turn signals don't work, I just use my hands
Its rusty. You're not going to fall out the floor but the rocker panels are generously ventilated.
It has a small exhaust leak. I've really grown to like the sound, more racy than trashy.
Its missing the passenger seat belt buckle
It might need another mirror to be 100% road legal (hasn't been a problem yet.)

I've turned this Miata into a true roadster that has no provision for a top. The small lexan windscreen provides a little wind protection but not much. You'll feel the wind in your hair and never have to look through the windshield frame again. Since its always exposed to the elements the "interior" has been weather proofed by removing all the carpet and upholstery. Instead you get bed-liner below your feet and hard plastic dune-buggy seats. Car has a few small issues but runs strong and turns heads. Weighs 1,934 lbs with a half tank of gas.

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