Monday, October 8, 2012

Carburetors and Carbohydrates - Old Cars and Fresh Pasta

Every season or so the owners of Bacco restaurant in Mt. Pleasant (coastal suburb of Charleston, SC) put on a great event called Carbs & Carbs in the parking lot of the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. They open the place up and have an all you can eat homemade pasta bar with to-go plates to take into the parking lot while you pour over vintage European iron, aluminum, and rust. Having an all-you-can eat pasta buffet at a place that definitely does not serve all-you-can-eat type food is reason enough to go - I stuffed my face full of al-dente carbonara, pesto gnocchi, ziti with meat sauce, and all sorts of other pastas that I can't identify or pronounce even with an empty mouth.

In addition to being a good cook, the owner is also a LeMons fanatic that runs Fiat 124 Spyder partially re-skinned in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil cans.  Also present was a stanced-out Volvo 245, a Morgan Plus 8, a Beck 356 Spyder, and an Aston DB6 Superleggera. Oh, also I didn't get the memo about European cars so I just drive the car from a European penal colony.

 All in all, a great small event that I will definitely be attending next time around.

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