Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gingerman Track Day photo gallery

Gingerman ended the 2012 season with a weekend of track days, beer, prizes and food. Dozens of sports car enthusiasts braved cold wet weather for a few more laps at Gingerman. I happened to be in the neighborhood celebrating an anniversary so I was allowed to stop by and take a few pictures. Bringing any of my own track toys was not approved. Hit the jump for the full photo gallery.

Chevrolet Presents the Celebrity Eurosport VR

The Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport was meant to offer buyers a modern sporty sedan with European flair. But if GM's conventional cookie-cutter styling wasn't quite sporty enough you could step up to the Eurosport VR. I have no idea what "VR" stands for but women in red tights enjoy staring disdainfully at it. But who couldn't when the Eurosport VR "fulfills the desires of drivers demanding.. something contemporary and expressive". Hit the jump for all the details.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Marketplace Feature: My 1991 Topless Miata

After a great summer, its time for me to part with my project Miata. Are you man enough to grit your teeth at highway speeds in the face of wind, bugs, and debris? Does your manhood require reverse compensation by piloting a tiny 100hp car? Got $1500 and room in your garage? If so, hit the link under my name on the right and shoot me an email. Still not convinced? Check out all the details and pictures after the jump.

Beat on the Street: Volvo S90 Limousine

While vacationing with the wife last weekend I stumbled upon the tremendously rare Volvo S90 factory limousine. No Swedish aristocracy was evident in the restaurant so the owners remain anonymous. This Volvo's extra length made our 2004 V40 seem diminutive in comparison. Apologies for the crappy pictures, I only had my phone at the time. Hit the jump for one more pic.

Marketplace Feature: Jack Kevorkian's VW Death Bus

Just in time for Halloween is this 1968 VW Bus formerly owned by Dr Jack Kevorkian. The seller doesn't have documentation that anyone actually assisted suicide in the van, but apparently Jack's signature is on the title. $15 large seems a little steep and the ad contains no details as to the condition of the bus.

Detroit Craigslist

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Latch-Key Kids Longest Day at Nelson Ledges Full Race Report

Two weeks ago the Chia Neon closed out the 2012 racing season with a 5th place finish at ChumpCar's Longest Day.  The Longest day out lasts all other road races (in this country) running a brutal 25 hours, 25 minutes and 25 seconds around Nelson Ledges.  A lot happens in more than 25 hours of racing so here's the run down as we saw it from behind the wheel of the greenest car on track.

It's Miller Time - The Mazda Millenia S and the Miller Cylce Engine

Part of my Sunday morning was spent wandering around the LKQ salvage lot looking for one black floor mat, a stock air cleaner that will fit around a Holley, and any master cylinder with a vertical bolt pattern, the last which evidently only exists in Simcas. While taking a stroll through the import section, I stumbled across this Mazda Millenia S with the footnote-in-the-thermodynamics-book Miller Cycle KJ-ZEM V6 engine. For more details on the Miller Cycle and some more pictures, hit the jump.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Facebook Corporate Vehicle of Choice - The Simca 1204

It's no surprise to anyone that a tech company on the path to world dominance would showcase a Simca 1204 in its feature ad. It's even less of a surprise that the clip has 881,961 'Likes' on Facebook solely due to the little blue French car behind that dude hanging out in his metal chair somewhere in the Middle East.
But this day represents something special. Now when people ask "Simca, where would I even see one of those", I no longer refer them to CNN's coverage of a third world civil war, I can now point them in the direction of Facebook.

Monday, October 8, 2012

ChumpCar Longest Longest Day at Nelson Ledges photo gallery

I'm still recovering from the long, cold, and difficult weekend of racing 25 hours, 25 minutes and 25 seconds but I've managed to post some pictures of the action. The full race report (with video) will arrive later this week but the short story is the Chia Neon had its best finish of the year, 5th! For now, enjoy the pictures and if you were there get some rest.

Carburetors and Carbohydrates - Old Cars and Fresh Pasta

Every season or so the owners of Bacco restaurant in Mt. Pleasant (coastal suburb of Charleston, SC) put on a great event called Carbs & Carbs in the parking lot of the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. They open the place up and have an all you can eat homemade pasta bar with to-go plates to take into the parking lot while you pour over vintage European iron, aluminum, and rust. Having an all-you-can eat pasta buffet at a place that definitely does not serve all-you-can-eat type food is reason enough to go - I stuffed my face full of al-dente carbonara, pesto gnocchi, ziti with meat sauce, and all sorts of other pastas that I can't identify or pronounce even with an empty mouth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drift Kart is massive sideways fun at 5mph w/Video

Friend of BB, Chris Baker, made the epic Craigslist trade of the century last year. He got a running Go-Kart in exchange for a non-running Ninja 250 that he didn't even pay for. While the beat up kart was fun, it only really turned to the right and the 6 hp Chinese motor wasn't enough to be dangerous. So Baker procured some 10" diameter PVC pipe, slipped it over the rear tires and Drift Kart was born. The rear tires now have Power Wheels levels of grip, which is to say almost none. Applying the right pedal means big plastic burn-outs, touching the left pedal locks the rear axle, and turning the wheel is instant spin cycle without ample counter-steer. Its everything you really need to know about car control and you're only going 15mph. More after the jump.

Post-Beating - A Torched Waaijenberg Canta

 In what could be the only documented burnout ever performed by a Dutch microcar, this Waaijenberg Canta was clearly abandoned while still rolling as it crashed into a building and continued the incineration process. The oddest thing about the whole scenario was the fact that even though the tiny invalid carriage tried to torch a historic building and an electric box in the middle of downtown Amsterdam, there was no evidence of an attempt to stop the flames from turning the vehicle into a smelly, droopy pile of molten plastic.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Chrysler Presents 1984 K-Car Limousine and Executive Sedan

K-Car Limo brochure cover page 1
Perhaps the rarest K-car variants are the Iacocca Limo and Executive Sedan. Three years ago, I found one about to be crushed at a junkyard and remembered seeing this brochure. After an exhaustive search of the BB archives I've scanned it for your enjoyment. Its not in the best condition but neither are any remaining K-bodies. Hit the jump for the other three pages of this massively luxurious 11" x 11" brochure.