Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thunderdrome! photo gallery (Now with more pics)

The Thunderdrome! was alive yesterday with the sounds and smells of two-stroke. Although my Honda Spree was ready to return and race again, I decided to drink beer, take pictures and enjoy the spectacle. And what a spectacle it was racing under the lights. More after the jump.

(EDIT: Due to this post's popularity I've added a whole bunch more pictures. Enjoy.)
The Thunderdrome has come a long way since last spring. The biggest change is that spectators are corralled into the infield and kept off the outside of the track. Once inside the fans had access to a food truck, beer tent, live music, a game called Fowling, and jumbo-tron with live video feed via aerial drone. All that and the on-track action are worth the $5 entry.
The on-track shenanigans have been shuffled as well. Gone are the classes arranged by type of bike. Now motor-bikes fall into three categories based on speed. Heat races of six bikes each determine who qualifies for the Main Event. Go-karts and pedal bikes are still part of the action.
Overall, the Thunderdrome feels like its matured. Registration, amenities, organization, and facilities have all been improved. Not that it's run as well as a professional event but perhaps that's best. The number of spectators and competitors appears to be growing so I hope the Thunderdrome can manage to stay around a while. I hope it stays cheap and laid-back too. If the two events I've raced and spectated at are any indication, it will.

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