Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lamborghini Presents the LM002

Decades before Porsche made and Cayenne, Lamborghini showed how a sports car brand could authentically cross over to SUV's. Take the V-12 out of your awesome super-car and mount it in a space frame off-roader with serious capability. I'll always remember seeing one of these at the Detroit Auto Show in the late 1980's. The LM002's utilitarian styling looked worlds apart from any other Lambo. The show truck had two odd posts at the rear corners. These, it was explained to me, were machine gun mounts. There's no way to impress an 8 eight year at an auto show more than showing him a Lambo with machine gun mounts. I don't remember any other car I saw that day.

I've scanned the four page brochure for the LM002, no model year is listed. The other pages are after the jump.

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