Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beat on the Street - The 'Special' Editions of Europe

What does a Peugeot 205 'Kid' mean? Does it have extra cup holders, Scoth-Guard carpet, and a baby seat anchor? Does the VW 'Bon Jovi' Golf come equipped with a better stereo and special compartment for hair care essentials? And how about the Mitsubishi Mirage 'Tram-Line'? It probably does get knocked out of alignment quickly and I would maybe rather take the train, but no, none of these titles seem to relate to the features of the car whatsoever. It's only a sticker that appears to have been ironed on by a disparate car salesman in the mid-90's who forgot to put a number in the GTi, LX-i, and DX boxes.

I never ran out of examples, only out of interest in looking like a creeper taking close-ups of people's cars while they were walking towards me with groceries. I don't know nearly enough German to talk my way out of a situation like that.

Enjoy some of the questionably special editions spotted this time around!

VW Golf 'New Orleans'
The event where it breaks off and goes away forever?

Mitsubishi Mirage 'Tram-Line'

NJoY your Korean Chevrolet...

3 types of Panda owners but I never saw the 'Poor' or 'Old' model

Google Translate tells me this is a Seat 'Kiss'

Citroen AX 'Teen' - like the AX but sticky and awkward

The Peugeot 205 'Kid' - one step below 205GTi 1.9


  1. I always thought it was odd that European brands thought it was cool to add English words like "Teen" or "Young". I think VW had special editions Golfs named after several a few American cities. As hard as I've looked I have yet to find the "Detroit" Edition.

  2. That was the hubcap delete edition ;-)

    I was just hoping that with 'Teen' and 'Young' they had gotten the translation a little worse. Like 'Inexperienced' or 'Fetus'.