Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beat on the Spanish Street: Skirts and Scooters Photo Gallery

The scooter's step-through layout allows women to mount a two wheeler without the un-lady like motion of raising a leg over the saddle.  I knew this, but I didn't really comprehend it.  It's the difference between knowing a 600hp car can travel 200mph and actually driving that speed.  It must be experienced to be known.

When I stepped off the bus in Barcelona I immediately noticed the motorcycles and scooters.  They're everywhere.  Shortly thereafter an attractive girl in a skirt zipped by.  I love Spain.

My native Michigan is not conducive to two wheelers, either scooters or motorcycles. It's cold and wet six months of the year, car drivers are too busy texting to even see bikers, lane splitting isn't allowed, and a 35mph scooter will not keep up with traffic. I rarely see scooters on the roads of metro Detroit unless I'm cruising the right lane on my Honda Spree. Almost immediately after arriving in Spain I could see things were different.
My first clue was the parking. Not only do bikes have their own parking areas, they were overflowing with dozens of scooters. Of course they're darting through traffic as well. As cars back up at a red light, the bikes lane-split through traffic to the front of the line. A scooter drag race ensues when the light turns green. This makes getting from place to place via scooter the fastest way to travel. When you arrive, parking a scooter is far easier than a car. If bike-only parking isn't available then nearly any place not blocking the sidewalk is acceptable.
A scooter isn't merely a viable way to get around Barcelona, its the best way. So naturally some of the scooters are piloted by attractive young women. Watching them deftly dart through traffic was impressive driving and rather tantalizing. They display a confidence that is undeniably attractive. The dress code is also a factor as motorcycle gear consists of a helmet and whatever else a Spanish girl wears on a summer day.

Please understand that I tried to photograph as many skirts piloting scooters as possible but their speed and obscuring traffic makes them tough to capture in the wild.

Hat tip to my lovely wife Tatiana for snapping the title picture!


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