Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the Garage - Foolish Aquisitions - FA Vauxhall Victor

Fueled completely by jealousy of the Latch-Key-Kids blistering VIR all weekend in the Chia Neon without me, I was forced to act out. Perhaps dumber than buying the Falcon that is still in Australia, the non-running yet solid bodied Simca that I can't bear to part out, or the Fiat 124 with no floor or roof, I believe I have outdone my own abilities by agreeing to purchase a 1958 FA Vauxhall Victor Super for the princely sum of $300. This dried-blood colored British hulk has been sitting since Princess Diana was a kindergartener and somewhere in it's 40,000 miles of travel since it left the Pontiac dealership, it managed to part with it's motor...likely towards the end. The real rub is that it's 1800 miles away, patiently waiting for next year's travel adventure.

How it gets back and what happens to it when it arrives is for later. For now, I will just marvel at my two pictures of the only FA Vauxhall I have ever seen and the only solid 50+ year old English car I've laid eyes on.

Ideas for the future include the following:
  • English themed gasser, Sir Gasalot, with a solid front axle and Rover 3.5
  • Bone stock looking, ratty drift car with a 283 V8 and three on the tree, with tall bias plies and Detroit Locker
  • Put it back to stock (unacceptable, sub-Simca levels of performance)
  • Track day car with EcoTech LNF motor and 5 speed
  • LeMons Racer sorry, can't bear it

Ideas for how it gets back is another matter. Opinions on either topic are encouraged in the comments.


  1. I take it Simca parts were just too common and you need a real challenge? Nice purchase and I love the patina. I vote for Rover 3.5 to keep it British.

  2. I would put in a slow-ish engine, like a 1.6 Datsun or Pinto, so you enjoy the limits of the 1950s chassis!!

  3. We are on the same wavelength there! I'm thinking Toyota 2tg for that low power twin cam peakiness