Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Status - Roo Chaser (XE Falcon Ute Build)

Ever since the Roo Chaser was pulled apart to correct the horrendous overheating and coolant drinking issues, not to mention some severe knocking, I have been without pickup truck in my life. This is not easy and must be corrected soon. Luckily, things have progressed well at the machine shop and I now have all of my pieces back. It took for friggin' ever but it got done and got done right. Hit the jump for autopsy results and the new 351 Cleveland build up.

The source of the piston slap appears to be a block that has been bored .030" over with standard pistons which resulted in some serious galling of the bores. This combined with the recently found factoid that the motor in the Falcon was a 302 Cleveland and not a 351 made me go with a complete US 351C bottom end from a '72 Torino. Still, the crank had to be polished and the block bored .030" over. Sealed Power flat top hypereutectic pistons filled the holes with Mahle chrome rings.

The heads were a sad sight but could not be given up on as they were the rare (to us 'Mericans anyway) Aussie closed chamber 54cc 2V heads; a perfect mix of the US 2 barrel and 4 barrel heads for great street performance. The valve guides were worn out and the seats pounded deep into the head from the apparent use of LPG. That and Aussie motors were not equipped with lead-free engine components until the 90's so presumably the seats were soft to begin with. New seats and guides were installed along with new Comp Cams springs, hydraulic lifters, keepers, and 10 degree locks. The cam that came from the old motor was in great shape but was for use with LPG! The insanely lame-o 200 degree intake and 205 degree exhaust durations at .050" and less than 0.5" lift are great for LPG but absolutely counterproductive for gasoline performance! The cam was replaced with a Comp Cams 287TH7 286/304 int/exh duration at .050" and the timing set was upgraded to a Comp double row chain. The heads were decked .006" to clean up the damage from the blown head gasket.

Induction will be through a Holley 650 double pumper and Weiand XCelerator single plane low-rise aluminum intake. This should be a huge improvement over the old Quadrajet (no, I have no idea why a Quadrajet was on a Ford) and emissions oriented manifold. I'm going to put a stock looking air cleaner on it in place of the overly conspicuous and slightly cheesy chrome Edelbrock one currently installed.

Now the motor is on it's way back into one piece. When it's there, it will be shot with black semi-glosss with grey valve covers as the late Aussie 351s were painted. Hopefully when it's all back together it'll blow up the automatic and force me to do the 5-speed swap...

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