Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beat on the Street - OSI 20M and Citroen Mahari

Today, In one fell swoop, I saw two cars together that I had never seen before independently; an OSI 20M 2.3 Coupe and a Citroen Mahari. The main focus here being the Taunus 20M-based OSI 2.3 Coupe, of which 220 were built.

I stopped into the repair shop where these were parked and got an in-depth look at both cars. Being the owners were not present, I just took this streetside shot. The OSI's body was perfect with the Taunus V6 in running order. The Mahari was waiting on parts but was in running condition as well. Both were very nice cars in daily-driver type condition.

I hope to see both of these ultra rare cars on the road again soon.

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