Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marketplace Feature - Triple carbed and cammed '60 Falcon Six

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It has been said that craigslist was built on the roofs of old muscle cars. A search in any city across the country will churn up enough V8-swapped Mavericks, Novas, Falcons, and Vegas to make your head spin. There is nothing wrong with that, not in the least, but it's nice to see something different every once in a while...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beat on the Street - OSI 20M and Citroen Mahari

Today, In one fell swoop, I saw two cars together that I had never seen before independently; an OSI 20M 2.3 Coupe and a Citroen Mahari. The main focus here being the Taunus 20M-based OSI 2.3 Coupe, of which 220 were built.

I stopped into the repair shop where these were parked and got an in-depth look at both cars. Being the owners were not present, I just took this streetside shot. The OSI's body was perfect with the Taunus V6 in running order. The Mahari was waiting on parts but was in running condition as well. Both were very nice cars in daily-driver type condition.

I hope to see both of these ultra rare cars on the road again soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beaterblog Low Budget Road Trip 2012 Summary

Our bar-planned trip to bring a pair of severely rusted Simcas, a valueless sixty year old aluminium boat, and a bent trailer from Detroit to Charleston South Carolina finally became a reality. Fuelled by gas station Bud Light Michelada tall boys and unrelenting stupidity, we fearlessly built a tow bar to link a rotten Yellow 1204 to the scrap metal floatilla, a 1955 Alumacraft fishing boat, and set off. Funded by the sale of scrap metal, Stauffer and I headed down South with Simca and Simca in tow. Unlike last year, there weren't enough breakdown induced adventures to be able to write the sequel to 2011's Illiad. My enabler (wife) provided me with a birthday present Go-Pro Motorsport camera to get it all on film. I'm still figuring it all out but I've taken a crack at video editing. Some of the sound was screwed up due to my own ignorance so I just dubbed it with Drive By Truckers. It just seemed appropriate.

In addition to the video, the full trip report comes after the jump.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Status - Roo Chaser (XE Falcon Ute Build)

Ever since the Roo Chaser was pulled apart to correct the horrendous overheating and coolant drinking issues, not to mention some severe knocking, I have been without pickup truck in my life. This is not easy and must be corrected soon. Luckily, things have progressed well at the machine shop and I now have all of my pieces back. It took for friggin' ever but it got done and got done right. Hit the jump for autopsy results and the new 351 Cleveland build up.