Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Market Place Featue: Chevy Powered XR4TI

The Merkur XR4TI occupies a special place in my heart.  While I don't have any use for another one I do occasionally check CL to see what's out there.

This car has traded its 2.3L turbo for massive SBC power. Ford actually toyed with the idea of a 302ci V8 powered XR4 and built several prototypes.  Its such a good idea that numerous enthusiast built their own.  Apparently, with aluminum heads the 302 isn't any heavier than the turbo lump.

I'm not certain why this gentleman choice Chevy power although it is unique.  The car appears to clean but the phrase "just needs K member fabed up" is scary.  Otherwise the ad give every indication the transformation is complete.  If the wheels are original, the car is an '85 or '86 and the lack of a sunroof makes it extra rare.

Just to be clear, BeaterBlog completely endorses odd engine swaps especially this type of cross pollination.  The Beater Batshit designation only implies how odd this swap is.  I wish the new owner many burn outs before the rear suspension fails. 

Detroit Craigslist


  1. Oddly enough it looks nice in there.

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