Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beat on the Street - B12 Nissan Sentra Wagon

I'll admit that the B12 Sentra probably is not yet worth mentioning when spotted unless in exceptionally good or hilariously awful condition. However, there are a couple noteworthy B12 variants that were offered in the US such as the Sport Coupe, the 3-door hatch, and the 5-door wagon. You could even get a Diesel in '87!

Every time I make the trip from my parents house to VIR, I pass this Senta. I've debated whether or not to document it but I think it's time. Spotted in the backwoods of North Carolina, this 5-door model is a throwback to the old Datsun Stanza wagons of the early 80's but in a slightly smallar and marginally more modern platform.

Other than the Coupe, there's nothing incredibly exciting about this generation of Sentras sold in the US but nowadays you don't really see anything but the 4 door Sedans.

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