Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beat on the Street - Cars of the new 'hood

Whether on vacation, traveling for work, or moving, priority #1 is always checking out what's parked on the street. Since I just moved to the lowcountry, deep in the dirty south, there are plenty of classics yet to be infested with tinworm, many of which are still in regular service.

Although it's an eclectic mix, Charleston definitely identifies with English cars. Whether it's colonial heritage or they just match well with Topsiders and pastels is anyone's guess but my 'hood is riddled with old Land Rovers, Rangies, and even a TR7. In sharp contrast, there is a bunch of great old 'Mercan iron as well.

Here is a gallery of stuff parked on the curb this morning within a mile radius of the new digs.

 A nice original TR7 2.0, complete with plaid interior:

A Range Rover that is most certainly on it's last owner:

A very clean VW Squareback:

 Charleston has always been known for lurking Cougars:

A patchy yet functional Scrambler outside the bar on a Sunday morning. I like your style:

A pretty rare Mercury Marquis wagon. Does the Sundance count yet?

A mid-60's Caddy convertible -  can't wait to see this out and about in the summer.

A robin's egg blue Volvo 144 is waiting to be turned into vintage daily transit.

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