Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is what $500 gets you in TR6 land

Hey look, a $500 TR6 in what the seller describes "overall good condition"! Oh hang on, it's collapsed under it's own weight and has a pine tree still stuck in the bumper. I've got to assume that the ad is typed in sarcasm font.

But it's not the TR6 that's of prime interest here. Note the Diahatsu Charade 4-door in the back ground and the Toyovan parked way in back. Also note the Jeep Liberty with back end damage, perfect for making my own retaliatory knockoff of a Chinese product. 

UPDATE- I emailed the seller and he states that the car is in a junkyard and everything is for sale. The Daihatsu has no title and is lightly wrecked in the front but is likely salvageable.

Beat on the Street - Cars of the new 'hood

Whether on vacation, traveling for work, or moving, priority #1 is always checking out what's parked on the street. Since I just moved to the lowcountry, deep in the dirty south, there are plenty of classics yet to be infested with tinworm, many of which are still in regular service.

Although it's an eclectic mix, Charleston definitely identifies with English cars. Whether it's colonial heritage or they just match well with Topsiders and pastels is anyone's guess but my 'hood is riddled with old Land Rovers, Rangies, and even a TR7. In sharp contrast, there is a bunch of great old 'Mercan iron as well.

Here is a gallery of stuff parked on the curb this morning within a mile radius of the new digs.