Monday, March 12, 2012

MGB GT 302 (Stroked to 347 ci)

It's a little faster than it used to be, and some have described it as raw. The Ford V8 really pulls hard and the rear suspension setup can put it to the ground surprisingly well for the car's light weight. The satin black and gloss black paint job really fits the car and helps visually shrink the 17 inch wheels.

That little red box with the plug-in rev limiter is worth its cost. The motor revs so fast, while churning both of the 255 Nitto's, that the limiter, before I know whats going on, is preventing serious over-rev. I've got it tamed to 6000 RPM even though its still pulling like a freight train when it kicks in.

When you apply liberal throttle you feel your body lift about 2 or 3 inches off the ground, and I still haven't figured out if that is weight transfer to the rear or the car rotating up on its side from torque. The cage is welded to the roof in two places and the car won't sit on 4 jack stands, the chassis feels stiff in cornering and transient maneuvers.

Still working on some carb bugs. I wouldn't have expected so many issues from a new carb but I did start off by hack sawing the carb off within five minutes of pulling it out of the box, this was for hood clearance issues. I consider it a hybrid since it burns gas and rubber, It likes gas a lot, so far average is 6 mpg. I think I'm actually getting closer to 25 mpg on interstate runs.

Here are some photos of the internal goodies, it's a shame such pretty pieces hardly get looked at. Actually I've seen them more than I wanted to. A "polylock" loosened up after 300 miles on one of the exhaust rockers. Luckily no damage and after a call to the manufacturer with some advice (basically just "bump" the wrench after they are torqued) I'm back to tearing my Nitto's up.


  1. Well I reckon I owe you a drive... I remember driving your sleeper Corolla around Raleigh, I bet you miss that car.

  2. My brother still has the engine from the Corolla in his MR2 if you want to play with it. Also yes, I want to drive/ride in the MG next time I'm in town!

  3. Remember how Matt would 'encourage' us to drive the Corolla? And I did a burnout through a red light downtown?

    Ivan, your car looks amazing. I can't wait to ride in it. Had a change to take it to Route 9?

  4. You mean make you drive it when I was too drunk? Haha, I miss that car so much. Never should have parted it out.

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  6. What rims have you got on it?
    Size, Width and Thread?

    I've just been given one for passing college from a grandparent, and those rims look amazing. They go so well with the full black theme.

  7. They are 17x8 Konig wheels, with 225-40-17 in the front and 255-40-17 in the rear. If I had to do it again, I'd probably look for a similar 16 inch wheel or lighter 17 and go to a 9 or 10 inch width in the rear. The first wheels I bought for this project were 15 inch wheels that were 4 lbs lighter per wheel but they wouldn't fit the brakes. The rear needs more flare in the fenders cause as it is I can't really get it any lower due to clearance. But that'll be changed way down the road from now.