Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Marketplace Feature - 24k Gold-Plated DeLorean!

When I'm home for the odd weekend, my Saturday morning ritual consists of reading vintage car mags and drinking coffee until I'm too amped to sit still. This morning, I nearly did a spit-take when I stumbled upon this collector's dream (if said collector woke up with his face in a pile of coke, I guess). A 24-k gold plated DeLorean is coveted ground on the South Beach club scene in 1984, commanding a price of $50,000. Adjusted for inflation, that's 3 new Conquest TSi's.

Doing some quick maths based on the ad for a boring 'ol stainless DeLorean below, the cost of this service is somewhere around $20k should you ever want to try it yourself.

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  1. From the Delorean Wikipedia page, only three Golden DMC-12s were built and only one (VIN 4300) had a manual transmission. Assuming this is VIN 4300, it now resides in a museum in Reno. The cars were part of an American Express holiday promotion.