Sunday, February 5, 2012

Press Release: Beaterblog Southeast World Regional Headquarters - Grand Opening This Weekend!

The Simca/AMC/Australian/E30 wing of Beaterblog has expanded it's operations into the coastal southeastern reaches of the US as of the start of 2012. The rural Southeastern Michigan division (not to be confused with Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit locations, which will remain open) will remain in operation while assets are transferred between headquarters.
The new facility features a 6" concrete pad, gated entry that features a somewhat tricky latch for security, and parking for up to 6 vehicles, if you count the street. Additionally, it features a large jungle vine that has grown around an old woman's hat, now affixed to the fence!

Future developments may include some sort of workshop to the left and covered workspace to the right, possibly with a hoist. For now, work will be done on the concrete pad, Al Fresco.

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  1. One more small step towards BB wold domination. Congrats, Matt.