Monday, February 20, 2012

Marketplace Feature: Aero Modded Ford Probe

Aerodynamics is the highly complex science of controlling the flow of air over, under, through, and around a moving vehicle. Stylists and engineers spend hours pouring over wind tunnel data to craft slippery shapes to optimize noise, high speed handling and drag. This car's owner has taken his own approach to cheating the wind and styling with a rather unique package of corrugated plastic and spray paint.

Despite your opinion of hyper-miling, the Ford Probe must be an excellent choice for the Eco-modding crowd. In the 1980's Ford produced a series of five concept cars to help change the public's perception of aerodynamic vehicles from ugly space ships into sleek cars of the Future. They were called Probe and the first generation production Probe has some resemblance to the Probe IV and Probe V concepts. Add a small Mazda four cylinder, a manual transmission and you've got a nice high MPG combination.

Whether or not you enjoy drafting large trucks this car is solidly "Beat Worthy". Its a $500 car with a charging issue. If you need cheap transportation with a little effort this looks like a strong running car. My only real criticism is it looked far better before the geometric paint scheme was applied. Take a look at it with the original red paint. To me, it looks straight out of Robocop and I even like the red tape sealing the aero bits to the body.


  1. Speaking of movies, the 1st Gen Probe was slightly modified to appear in Back to the Future 3 during the 'future' shots.

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