Friday, February 10, 2012

Beat on the Street: VL Calais 5.0

It's been a while since I've posted a car from last year's visit to the sunburned continent. Since my dream car du jour is very similar, I've decided to post a few pictures of a Holden VL Calais 5.0 that I stumbled upon in Melbourne town. Sure, it's no VL Calais Turbo or BT1 but damn it's a sweet find.

As I was being called diagonally across the parking lot of  the Queen Victoria Market by hot jam-filled donuts and curry beef pies by the American Donut Kitchen and other local bakeries, I was stopped by the only thing that could have stopped me - a VL. A 308 no less, two-tone red wine and silver in color, and sitting low to the ground on Bathurst Globes. Fully sick, mate.
 Why a VL, you ask? First off, look at the cars next to it. It's obviously bigger than the Mazda 121 next door but is dwarfed by the new Focus behind that. Secondly, it has an enormous greenhouse for viewing those impressed by your car on Chapel St. Thirdly, the Calais' got 80's luxury nick-nacks that would make an 810 Maxima or Cressida ashamed of itself. Take smoked taillights, semi-obscured pop-up headlights, matted velour interior and more green LCD displays than you can count, for instance. Plus the Calais always had power, whether it be the locally sourced 5.0 liter V8 or the holy-grail Nissan RB30-ET.

When I grow tired of the XE, perhaps a VL BT1 will fill the void...

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