Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Neon Destined for Scrap Heap

I know I own too many Neons but this is not how I planned to reduce the count to three. While my wife was at work last Friday her daily driver got rear ended while parked out on the street. I bought this 1999 coupe for my then girl friend after she complained my Mercedes was too big and burned too much gas for her to drive.

I picked it up not running and spent a few months rebuilding the rear suspension, fixing the brakes, changing all the struts, installing a new exhaust, and making the fuel system not leak. Since then, its been completely reliable and looked damn clean for a twelve year old car. Even the air conditioning worked, the only car in the fleet so equipped. Since the wife can't drive a manual, we need to find a replacement. If you're selling an automatic transmission station wagon with ABS and airbags, drop me a line.

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