Monday, January 9, 2012

North American International Auto Show Day 1

January in Detroit is a special time of year. Its when everyone who's important in the auto industry gathers in Cobo Hall and tries to convince members of the media how cool and important their new special edition wheels are. As you can imagine, we're not actually invited. But to bring our readers unbiased views on what really matters, our man risked all to breach security and bring you these blurry camera phone images. This is more or less what these cars will look like on CL when I can finally afford one.

Dodge Dart. I've seen a few of these around town wearing camo and was concerned. Covered up it looked like a bland and bloated copy of a Sonata. Uncovered its a strikingly attractive car. I'm glad I was wrong. I see a little Neon in the rising belt line which isn't a bad thing to me. Now lets just forget about that whole Caliber thing and move on.

Mazda MX-5 Spyder. They cut down the windshield, simplified the interior, and made it awesome by sacrificing creature comforts to enhance the driving experience. Its such a good idea I'm doing it to my Miata. The add on rain fly is cute but this car should remain topless at all times.

Subaru BRZ. In person, the Subaru wins the beauty contest of sporty coupes up-staging its Toyota sister. Pictures don't really do it justice as it looks more impressive in the flesh. I've been ignoring the hype over these Japanese twins and assuming they'd be bloated and expensive. I may have been wrong.

Wait and See:
Acura NSX. The first NSX offered distinct styling and world class handling but underwhelmed us with a silky smooth V6 that never offered super car performance. Acura teased a next gen NSX and even tested on the Nordschleife back in 2008 before killing it amongst rumors of poor performance. The AWD, hybrid, and direct injection are a bunch of cool tech, but will it measure up to the competition? All the other super cars are packing 600hp or more. Its too early to tell, but Acura could use halo car to prop up its image and an NSX that doesn't include any excuses might do it.

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