Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Mystery Mags

BeaterBlog has acquired more Magnesium wheels of mysterious origin. Last month Matt discovered his Falcon sported Sampson Engineering magnesium wheels, but these rims have a more obscure source. The resemblance to E30 BMW "bottle cap" wheels is more than a similarity, they're direct copies.

Why did someone go to the trouble to make magnesium copies of a production BMW alloy? I have no clue and the only markings on the wheels are "FOR TEST ONLY" cast around the hub. They do feel light, weighing sixteen pounds mounted with a tire. The only condition of sale was not to ask where they came from so I know nothing. If you care to speculate to these wheel's provenance, sound off in the comments or click the email link to the right.

Bolt pattern 4x100mm
Diameter 14"
width about 5.5"
offset unknown


  1. I'll throw out the idea that they are in fact BMW wheels - a limited test run to see if magnesium wheels were worthy of production. The lack of BMW markings is because they come from an independent contractor.

  2. That is an exceptionally rational explanation. Perhaps it doesn't bode well that they decided not to enter production. Hopefully, it was due to cost and not structural failure.

  3. these are bmw "bottlecap" rims,or an exact cast of them. they came on E30's mainly. hub bore is 57.1 mm , pretty common for a 4x100 bolt pattern, the obvious difference is the lack of center caps, and the fact that they are magnesium. as to the who SAMSON engineering is , i have no idea,
    but these rims are used as spares on rally events pretty frequently, so seeing a replica, or prototype in a different metal than the original alloy , (which weighs about 13lb without a tire). , im restoring a set of them right now, pretty solid built lil rims for a golf mk3 or a civic, nice, if done up properly.