Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year From BB and 2012 Resolutions

2011 is officially over, so its time to set goals for 2012. My resolution is to make some serious progress on all of my projects. While 2011 was a lot of fun, my garage accomplishments were limited to keeping the fleet running and whatever race prep was required for the coming weekend. Follow the link to see where each project stands.

First Priority is the Turbo Van. As it sits, the motor is in and the electrical updates are done but untested. What's left? Plumbing inter-cooler piping, radiator hoses, exhaust, fuel lines and adding an electric fuel pump to get it running. After that, I need to fit a head liner and find wheels and tires. I imagine there will be a frustrating shake down period given all the new and pieced together components.

Second, the Spec Neon. Long term plan is to sell it this season and race it until it finds a new home. To be competitive, I purchased a fresher motor which is now installed. Ideally, I'd like to repaint it white and return it to its original Neon Challenge livery complete with yellow and pink Neon decals. If I can source the decals cheap enough I'll go for it. Anyway, the new motor already in.
What's left? Mounting a race seat, updating the belts, fresh brakes, and an alignment are required to be race ready.

Third, the Miata. I'm still planning on making it a true roadster by loosing the top and weather proofing the interior. Optimistically I imagine completion taking two to three weeks. So if I get the Van and Neon done in March, I should have the Miata ready for spring driving in April.

Fourth, CR250 dirt bike. It needs a clutch, shift lever, and fork seals to be ride-able. I've got all the parts, now to make it happen before spring.

Fifth, and so on. From here I'm going to stop numbering them. The priority is all really the same and its getting depressing.

Honda Spree. It needs some fuel system work to fix a cold start issue but is otherwise a solid runner. I have an Elite 50 powertrain ready for a big bore kit and installation in the Spree. Not certain I'll get to it but it will make Thunderdrom far more interesting.

Ducati Monster. Runs fine but the tach and speedometer don't work and it weeps oil from the front sprocket. I should check the valve adjustment. Also to be installed is a bikini fairing that needs to be painted to match the tank. The Duc will probably have to wait until May before it sees any attention.

Plymouth Neon (my daily). The blown rear struts and non-centered steering wheel are starting to annoy me after two years. Fuel economy has been consistently in the high 30's but I'd like to try and improve it by sealing off the radiator and some of the grill openings. Regardless, I may sell it if the Turbo Van proves to be a reliable daily.

Jeep Cherokee. My winter beater and tow vehicle soldiers on despite 222,000 miles. Recent improvements to the exhaust and drive line have made it much more comfortable. I'd really like to do something about the non-existent rocker panels and repaint it in bed liner. We'll see if I can get to it.

This is a crap load of work but I've already gotten a solid start. I've spent the last few weeks getting maintenance up to date on all the daily drivers and putting some old issues to bed. My goal is to minimize distractions from break downs and keep turning wrenches on projects. Here's to 2012, and if you need to find me I'll be in the garage.

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  1. Man, I`ve got fewer projects, more work to do on them, and less of a start. You`re making me feel bad....