Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tell 'em He's Dreamin' - '84 300Z for $20K, Reserve Not Met!

 I was floating some worthless carburetors out on the Bay of E to build up my Paypay account when I can across this: a 1984 Datsun 300Z Turbo 50th Anniversary with a starting price of twenty large. What insanity! I can see putting a feeler out there for maybe 50% over what you think the car is worth, but an asking price 10 times the value of the car? That's just insulting to all other malaise era Japanese cars, especially if the pop-ups don't pop up and the paint is chipped.

Though not worth $20k yet, the 50th Anniversary Edition was a special car that included every option in the Z31 books. In keeping with the early 80's Datsun the-future-is-now techno mentality, the 50th Anniversary Edition had electronically adjustable shocks and seats with Bodysonic Stereo speakers in them. It also had an otherwordly dash display including a mysterious non-linear digital tachometer.

I'm a big proponent of old Japanese cars but if eBay user steelow_roaddawggz is able to sell this car at that price, you can count my assessment of the Japanese collector car market dead wrong.

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