Sunday, October 23, 2011

Genuine BMW Accessories - Forklift Repositioning Adapter

A rare factory optional accessory available for all E30 BMWs is the bumper mounted forklift repositioning adapter, turning your Bavarian cruiser into somewhat of a homemade airport Tug. Consisting of a 2' long section of rusty steel 2"x4" box stock, a large screwdriver, and the BMW tow eye, this unique piece of automotive history is intended to be used in industrial and garage applications. More specifically - the movement of broken down vintage Toyota forklifts haphazardly placed around the shop and in the way of project car movement. The limitation of the forklift mover is not the adaptation equipment itself but the loss of grip at the rear tires of the car from excessive downward force at the front end, resulting in a 0.5MPH burnout across the work floor.


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