Sunday, October 23, 2011

Genuine BMW Accessories - Forklift Repositioning Adapter

A rare factory optional accessory available for all E30 BMWs is the bumper mounted forklift repositioning adapter, turning your Bavarian cruiser into somewhat of a homemade airport Tug. Consisting of a 2' long section of rusty steel 2"x4" box stock, a large screwdriver, and the BMW tow eye, this unique piece of automotive history is intended to be used in industrial and garage applications. More specifically - the movement of broken down vintage Toyota forklifts haphazardly placed around the shop and in the way of project car movement. The limitation of the forklift mover is not the adaptation equipment itself but the loss of grip at the rear tires of the car from excessive downward force at the front end, resulting in a 0.5MPH burnout across the work floor.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Latch-Key Kids 24 Hours of LeMons Autobahn Race Report

This past weekend, a reconstituted Latch-Key Kids Motorsports finished 13th at the 24 Hours of LeMons Show Room Schlock Shoot Out at Autobahn. Our Chia Neon reliably finished its 8th event and was fast and fun all weekend. Full Race report inside.

Before They Were Beaters: Concept Aerostar

Sometimes concept cars look far more handsome than the eventual product. Although the production Aerostar bears a resemblance to the concept much of the execution feels clumsy. Kind of like how some people look acceptable when you leave the party but appear less so the next morning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DB Tech Energy Polarizer - The Trinket That Ended The Closest Relationship In Australian Racing

Peter Brock, a name completely synonymous with road racing in Australia, maintained a 19 year relationship with GM's Australian subsidiary, Holden, until an abrupt end in 1987. Following the release of a product developed between he and his personal doctor, Eric Dowker, Holden refused to acknowledge the claimed benefits of the product - a very expensive version of a late night infomercial magnetic miracle bracelet for cars just mounted to the firewall - and withdrew funding from Peter Brock and the Holder Dealer Team at 5:30PM on a Friday evening.

 More info and cheesy 80's video below.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Marketplace Feature - My Truck

I hate to plug my own vehicles, folks, but my truck is for sale to whoever can come up with most of the money in a reasonable time frame or offer a realistic (or extremely interesting) trade. So far, the good people of craigslist have offered me an S-10 Crew Cab - not the worst thing but I definitely do not want it - and a brand new Yamaha Raptor 700 two-stroke quad. I'm not ready to snap my back in half on the dunes so I won't be taking Raptor man up on his trade. He is surely only offering it up to me since he probably had a brush with death on it this summer.

The truth is, I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it around. I've got something light duty that will haul a couple dirtbikes and furniture and I just don't need an F-250 that I use like an Escort wagon. Anyways, here it is. I'm asking $7,550 but I'm quite flexible. I have put a lot of new parts into it and it's been well cared for. Here's even a picture of me washing it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tell 'em He's Dreamin' - '84 300Z for $20K, Reserve Not Met!

 I was floating some worthless carburetors out on the Bay of E to build up my Paypay account when I can across this: a 1984 Datsun 300Z Turbo 50th Anniversary with a starting price of twenty large. What insanity! I can see putting a feeler out there for maybe 50% over what you think the car is worth, but an asking price 10 times the value of the car? That's just insulting to all other malaise era Japanese cars, especially if the pop-ups don't pop up and the paint is chipped.

Though not worth $20k yet, the 50th Anniversary Edition was a special car that included every option in the Z31 books. In keeping with the early 80's Datsun the-future-is-now techno mentality, the 50th Anniversary Edition had electronically adjustable shocks and seats with Bodysonic Stereo speakers in them. It also had an otherwordly dash display including a mysterious non-linear digital tachometer.

I'm a big proponent of old Japanese cars but if eBay user steelow_roaddawggz is able to sell this car at that price, you can count my assessment of the Japanese collector car market dead wrong.