Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roo Chasin' Adventure - Los Angelos to Detroit in 48 Hours

As seen in previous posts, I purchased a 1984 Ford XE Falcon utility - the Roo Chaser - sight unseen from a guy in Devore, CA. This was always one of my dream cars and now that I had it, I was not prepared to risk shipping damage by a bargain basement freight broker or pay $1,800 bucks to get it back to Ann Arbor by a trusted individual. The thought of the car sitting in freight lots, surrounded by paint-huffing vagrants around the country made me a little nervous. 

My driving partner was Andrew, a guy who puts my diagnostic and ghetto rigging abilities (which I'm pretty proud of) to shame. Andrew is well qualified to have on a trip like this - he's got a V8 RX-7 and a nearly 600HP Duramax truck, enough said. All in all, the trip was done in 48 hours, door to door. Each of the other 10 hours were spent either eating, sleeping, contemplating, or fixing the car. The total budget for the trip: about $800.
To say the least, the trip was an epic. In the end, I'm very, very glad I made the trip for several reasons. It was an insanely fun experience that you don't often get the opportunity to do after college. Also, it forced me to deal with most of the car's issues in a very short time - I now know this car extremely well.
Andrew was kind enough to document the entire trip with very detail notes. Below is the story from his perspective, with my italicized interjections.