Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waterford Hills Vintage Racing Photos

Last weekend vintage race cars took to the narrow 1.4 miles of Waterford Hills. Vintage racing has typically been more about cool old aluminum and fiberglass than it is about racing but with all the old school hotness on track, it doesn't matter.

The vintage event brought out more spectators than I've ever seen at Waterford and each of the four run groups had impressive looking and sounding machines. Hopefully the vintage race will return next year. Congrats to friend of BB, Tim Parvin and his Mazda RX2 on his two class wins over the weekend. This particular RX2 has a number of wins at Waterford and its great to see Tim keeping it out front.


  1. Yep, although just parked in the paddock. I'll add it later today.

  2. That's the best picture of the entire car I got, sorry I didn't get a better one. Its really clean and although I'm no expert on pre-war Vauxhall's it looks really authentic to me.