Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Aquisition - XD Ford Falcon Ute - The 'Roo Chasaaa'

Yes, I bought the Jalopnik 'Nice Price or Crack Pipe' Falcon ute featured on Jalopnik. After a bit of negotiation, NP all the way.

For a long time, I've been debating the purpose of having my Powerstroke F-250 when I only use it to Ranger capabilities. An Aussie ute could even be marketed as a money saving venture given the price delta between the F-250 and the negotiated price of the Falcon - plus I needed to add another Aussie Ford to the stable. Therefore, my F-250 is on craigslist and the ute will soon be in my driveway, but only after a week long road trip to retrieve it. Scheduled to start over the Labor day weekend, this trip will entail flying out to Ontario (the warm one) and driving the 2,218 miles back to the D while doing the world's longest continuous burnout.

Expect a detailed account of the trip in September, provided I make it back by then.


  1. IS your Ute lowered? Love the leaf springs and big V8

  2. Yeah, it's been dropped about 2" in the front and rear. The fronts I believe to be King springs but the rears are just uprated and dropped with blocks. That may have the change.

    As for the 351, I can't wait to hear how it sounds. I think a lumpy cam and some 17" torque thrusts are in it's future.

  3. Well negotiated and congrats on finding something even rarer than the Simca. Any interest in a road trip twitter feed for the journey?

  4. Thanks man! I'm always looking.

    As for the feed, absolutely - I've been holding out on Twitter but it may be time!

  5. Cleveland or Windsor ? Should be a 351C if stock. What do the Compliance plate numbers say ? From the side it looks like a fairlane front ?

    Odd car to see in the states. These cars are fun.

  6. It's a 351C. Compliance plates say that originally it was a 6 cylinder but someone definitely used a donor car for the swap - proper mounts and all. I think it was a power utilities truck in NSW but I'm not sure. Any idea on how to find out where it was sold?

    1. You can contact Ford Australia with proof of ownership and they will provide you with a full rundown on how the vehicle was built.

      Checkout (a new xFalcon) for info on how to contact Ford Aus.